home generators

You don't know which day
you'll need your generator,

but you know you will.

Only One company in the Triad is Generac-certified for residential, commercial and industrial generators:
Piedmont Generator

Protect your home. Protect your family.

Power outages can last for days. Here are a few things that can't:

Your home matters to you. It's a big investment. Newer HVAC systems and household electronics are far less tolerant of power outages and fluctuations than even a few years ago.

We protect homes, fire departments, even municipalities and other critical locations. Let us protect you.

Many of your neighbors count on Piedmont Generator. We are located in the middle of N.C. and have been helping neighbors protect their homes since 2001. Click here to learn more.

Generators deliver more power at less cost than ever before.

Generators offer:

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