generators for municipalities

When the whole community counts on you, choose someone you can count on.

Only One company in the Triad is Generac-certified for residential, commercial and industrial generators:
Piedmont Generator

In a disaster, our generators are operational in seconds.

During emergency situations, citizens count on local governments to act decisively and responsibly. Power outages are no excuse. Fire departments, police, pumping stations and many other services must remain operational. Oftentimes, these services are needed more than ever.

That is why it is critical to have the right generator, with the right capacity and functionality in the right place. And to do that, you need expert help you can trust.

We protect pumping stations, fire departments, and other critical locations. Let us protect your installation.

Many of your neighbors count on Piedmont Generator. We are located in the middle of N.C. and have been helping towns and municipalities since 2001.

Municipalities face unique challenges.

For towns and cities, critical systems are just that. A bad situation quickly becomes untenable when crisis response, traffic control, pumping stations or other services are not operational.

And every situation is different. That is why Piedmont Generator offers:

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