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Power outages happen more often now.

There are two reasons:

  1. Storms are more frequent and more powerful
  2. The AVERAGE age of power lines and transformers in the U.S. is 28 years. And they aren't getting any younger.

No Electricity, No Farm

Most modern farms cannot survive without electricity. Even short-term outages are devistating to livestock and crops. While automation has transformed agriculture, it has also made reliable electricity a requirement.

No wonder farmers protect themselves and their investments with generators.

Today's farm relies on energy like never before.

Backup generators are a necessity for American farms. They have become critical to operations and, in a very real sense, are a tangible insurance policy against disaster.

The Good News:

Today's generators are more powerful, more efficient and less expensive than ever before. As demand has risen, so has technology and competition. Generators are a better bargain than ever before.

Things to Know About Installation:

There are several things to consider when installing a generator. The first question asked is usually “What size do I need?”

This depends on two things: the total kilowatts required to run everything you choose to run during an outage and the additional startup wattage of bigger equipment, which is always greater than running wattage.

The first step in protecting your farm from power outages lies in determing your requirment. This should be calculated by a licensed electrician. Or call us, we'll take care of it and help you find the best solution for your operation.

That's a start, but there are other things to consider. Some items, like electronic control units, are very sensitive to the power they receive. Fluctuations and harmonic distortion can cause damage. That must be avoided and can be, with the right help.

Transfer switches: The National Electrical Code requires a transfer switch for generator systems. This, in turn, requires a permit. Its another thing we will help you with. We deal with this daily.

What you get:

Obviously, with the right system, you can stop worrying about power outages. Your farm is protected year-round. It is usual to not even notice a power outage until hear your generator running. That is as it should be. Farm generator systems engage as soon as there is an interruption in power from the grid, keeping your equipment and your livestock or crops safe.

And the protection lasts for years. Simple maintenance will insure your generator system is there for you for decades to come. We will even take care of the maintenance if you ask.

Another great feature of newer generators is that you can check your system anytime and anywhere. Our systems feature Wi-Fi and “Mobile Link” Remote monitoring. In the middle of the night or on a tractor in a sudden thunderstorm, you can check your system status. You can even track your servicing schedule, and when your generator has run, anytime, anywhere.

Financial and Tax Considerations

Farms can write off generator systems. Capital equipment, including generators, qualify as Section 179 tax deductions.

Additionally, you may be eligible to claim a tax credit or refund for excise tax on the fuel used to power your generator. Farm generators qualify for this since they are, of course, an off-highway business use of fuel.

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